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FunQi LifeBecause you can be happy now creating the life you want

You were born to be happy it is your natural state of being!
Qi (universal life force energy) + FUN = FunQi Life!
Are you dancing through life feeling ‘fit and funky’? Or do you say:

  • “I’ll be happy when ... I’m fitter or slimmer”
  • “I’ll be happy when ... I’m in a relationship”
  • “I’ll be happy when ... I have more money”
  • “I’ll be happy when ... I’ve got the right job”  

Why wait? Instead ‘boot up’ your Unique Self Potential (USP) programme and start living your own authentic life TODAY, connected to the power of Qi.   

FunQi LifeWe all need more fun and laughter in our lives

Coaching and training sessions empower you to tap into this life force energy system.  Your body holds the fears that your mind has picked up, free the energy that has become stuck by re-discovering your Unique Self Potential!
After all you were born with it!

FunQi Life Company

Helping you move from happy when to happy now